Acne Scarring and Blemish Treatment by BSL Clinic


BSL Clinic conducts their acne treatment without the use of chemically enhanced drugs that can cause skin irritation to be dry, red and sensitive. The emphasis on safety is vital when undertaking skin rejuvenation, and the positive treatment results are long-term.

Causes of Acne
Clogging of pores
Increase production of oil within the sebaceous glands
Hormonal changes

Assist in the Prevention of Clog Build-up

To smoothen and create healthy looking skin through the rejuvenation of tightening the pores.

Reduce the Sebaceous GlandBSL Clinic’s dermatologists utilise an advanced laser technology that targets the sebaceous gland explicitly.

Minimise Acne BacteriaBSL Clinic formulated their medications through ongoing research and development to eliminate bacteria, the cause of acne inflammation.

Decrease Hormonal ChangesHormonal changes are treated to reduce the causes of acne.



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